Sports Day

At our school we have a day called Sports Day. Their are four teams who play lots of games to earn the most points. The Teams names are Barker (yellow) Flinders (Green) Sturt (Red) and Light (Blue). I am in the yellow team. So is my friend Tam. The Yellow team or the Blue team has normally won the years I’ve been at school. We had Sports day in term 1 and Barker won 🙂 YELLOW ATTACK!!

In Sports Day we had many different activities including ‘Cross Country’ (where we run around the boundary’s of our school, past the creek), Tug of War, Volley ball, Long jump and a special rugby clinic (which you can read about on my class blog). I really enjoyed all of the activities but the best thing about sports day would have to be the sprints! I love running!! I came 1st out of the people I was running against (by quite a long way)

– Bubbles

13 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. Hi bubbles, this is Maddy’s bff from school. I like sports day, but ours doesn’t sound nearly as fun as yours! Maddy has never mentioned you to me, I wonder why.

    • I’m sure it must be as fun if not more fun! I only just found out that Maddy had a blog.. And she only just found out that I had a blog. That’s probably why I’ve never been mentioned 🙂

  2. I’m in green(flinders) and we lost. but thats ok because we’ve won 3 times in a row before.(according to my sister). anyway, cool blog I like the style and the background but TiNY TURTLE’S seriously?

  3. Chelsea on

    Thanks I came 3rd in Barton race
    And last in sprint race 🙁 I didn’t care though oh and our team one the Mach past and war cry!


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